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Patch R#175 Timeline

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After many weeks of hard work preparing the new patch, we are finally getting there. The servers will go down for patching on Wednesday 28th November 2012, at around 1800 UTC/GMT (1900 CET). We appreciate this window of downtime is not ideally placed but this process will take a few hours which a number of us need to schedule outside of our normal day jobs. We will inform you via Twitter, the forums and IRC once the servers are back online for the final stress test.

Details about the final stress test can be found here. To summarize, the first two days will be officially flagged as a testing period, meaning that should something go terribly wrong we can perform a rollback (to the prepatch state) so we can restore the Neocron service. Nevertheless, we encourage players to continue playing as normal and follow their every day life, while we monitor the situation in the background to ensure everything is alright.

Thank you all for your great support during the last months, sincerly
Your Neocron Support Team
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