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Testserver - report a l l problems !

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As many of you may know we are approaching a new retail patch and we would love to get this out the door sooner than later...

... BUT:
the Testserver has crashed a couple of times today with players on the server who did not report the crash and the circumstances.
We absolutely need to know what is causing these crashes. So whenever you have issues on the Testserver, report them ASAP and with detailed information on your most recent actions.

A server crash may not immediately look like a huge issue to you - often you will only be thrown to the login screen and wil be able to login again (the server gets back on its feet rather quickly).
Thus, again, ALWAYS report ANY issues you experience.

The alternative is patching retail with this server issue left open - however, we do not like the idea of turning Titan into a de-facto Testserver, neither should you.

Thank you for your assistance and happy testing.

Updated 25-11-12 at 19:01 by Mokoi

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