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Mysterious Facilities Appear in the Wastelands.

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Over the course of the last week a number of medium-sized facilities have appeared across the Wastelands. The purpose of these locations is unknown, any attempts to approach the structures have been met with significant fire power putting even the most experienced Runners in extreme danger.

From the images taken by a brave City Merc Soldier, who wishes to remain nameless, it can be seen that there are significant numbers of hostiles at these locations. All Runners are advised to stay clear of these areas if discovered and report their location to your nearest CopBot or City Administration official. For the safety of all Runners the City Administration have forbidden us from disclosing known locations.

With the heavy fire-power in the hands of these unknown hostiles, City Administration urges Runners to stick to GenRep transport and avoid travelling by foot at all costs. If you must travel on foot or by vehicle ensure to travel in groups and stick to the roads.

The one certainty we have in all this is, we don't intend to be on the recieveing end of this kind of fire power. Our City Merc source only provided these images after being revived via GenRep. A process which took some 2 hours, the Merc still has not fully recovered from Synaptic Impairment.

Neocronicle will have more news as and when this story develops.

Jake Davies,