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Christmas in Neocron

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It’s this time of year again! The nights get longer and colder, and as such, power armor life support systems are stressed to keep its user warm.

As in previous years, City Administration has again provided the means to lighten up the dark nights, and bring joy to the heart and eyes of the people of Neocron, by putting up Xmas trees. Not to be outdone, many corporations followed City Administration’s example by putting up their own festive trees. Neocron is now bright with festive lights except for Pepper Park where, according to City Administration reports, trees erected are quickly defaced and destroyed.

Juan Alameda, owner of the Alameda Tree Farm, tells me that, “These are the best trees you can get from the wastelands immediately surrounding Neocron.” Considering he's the only tree farmer you can find anywhere, you can be sure he speaks the truth!

To ensure quality, and to remove any threats to the trees, each tree is subject to a strict decontamination procedure of anti decontamination nanites which remove any hazardous materials from the tree. Allen Mathews, the City Administration’s Agricultural Safety Manager, who is responsible for this nanite quality control process, said that, “Not even the smallest malicious atom could escape this procedure.”

At this point we at the Neocronicle would like to remind you that night time noise prevention laws still apply during the holidays, especially in the residential areas. So even if the material extracted from the Ceres discs contains clues on a traditional song to sing around these Xmas trees, we ask you to please refrain from such behavior late at night.

A.J. West