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A Greener Plaza?

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In recent weeks Runners in the Plaza District of Neocron City have noticed an increase in the greenery of the area. Large trees normally found in the more temperate areas of the Wastelands have been appearing.

Just as confused as Runners in the area this reporter decided to find out where they came from. Runner reports suggest they were erected by a small team of overall-clad individuals during quiet periods in the district, mainly in the late evening or early hours of the morning. It turns out, I can report, these individuals are employees of the home improvement chain Flowers and Pottery.

When questioned the workers sent me in the direction of Chief Potter and CEO of Flowers and Pottery, Harry.

According to Harry these trees were placed in co-operation with City Administration in order to drum up business for the firm. A slow couple of months saw poor results in F&P's latest financial statements and with the increased numbers of runners returning from the Wasteland, this was seen as a perfect opportunity to get some extra sales.

There we have It folks, not so mysterious after all. I must admit this reporter has enjoyed some slightly more tranquil afternoons, relaxing under our new leafy friend. How long the tree will remain in Plaza 1, was not disclosed. However as some of the other trees have been recently removed, it's likely not to be a permanent fixture.

If you'd like your own greenery to brighten your apartment, Flowers & Pottery's main store can be found in Via Rosso Sector 1, opposite BioTech Inc HQ.

Jake Davies


  1. Riddle's Avatar
    Having purchased many a plant and bush, i would suggest runners put in place a regular maintenance program. Having learned the hard way myself!

    On returning to my apartment having spent a little time out of neocron...I found much to my surprise I could not get into my apartment due to the substantial growth!! Don't know what they feed these things on the NC irrigation network but I had to call them in to clear a path!

    By the way, When will those crystals be available for sale I ask you? Now they would look good in P1.