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Warbot Cola Taken Off Market

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In response to ProtoPharm's shocking news yesterday, Warbot Cola Inc. have issued a statement regarding their now infamous product - Warbot Cola.

Quote Originally Posted by Warbot Cola Inc. Press Release
Warbot Cola has been taken off the market with immediate effect. All batches manufactured two weeks prior to our recent marketing push are effected and have been recalled. We have launched a full investigation into our internal policy and manufacturing streams to identify how this situation came to be.

It is with great sadness that we apologise to the people of Neocron, especially those affected by this most terrifying illness. To those who have lost friends and loved ones we are truly sorry and guarantee this will never happen again. We have failed as a company to ensure the safety of our business and our loyal customers. From our initial investigations it appears there were shortcuts made within our Research & Development arm which let this dangerous change in recipe slip through the net.
Over night the company has seen its share price dive to an all time low, a mere 25% of it's value before the recent marketing push. I for one hope we hear more after their internal investigation and things will start to get back to normal out on the streets of Neocron.

Jake Davies
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