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Tangent Technologies Press Release

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This Press Release was just issued by Tangent Technologies Inc.
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Friends, former enemies.

It is with a broken heart I have to report to you that our Faction Assistant, Bud Judson, has now been missing long enough for me to step in as Faction Assistant.

I am Felica Paco-Katido, former therapist for Tangent Technologies and personal masseuse to Damion Jordan.

My agenda is clear: my mandate absolute. I want to extend the hand of friendship to each of our enemies, in turn. But right now, there are two pressing matters I should respectfully address.

To the Fallen Angels
I would like to recognise the good work you have done in providing research facilities and a safe area in which science can blossom. I admire Tech Haven and the hearty, good work that takes place there. I would like to investigate ways in which we can redirect our research into high power lasers to help expand Tech Haven into the surrounding terrain, so we can join you in a joint journey of science and self-discovery. What say you, friends?

To BioTech
BioTech, BioTech. For too long we have been allies-in-waiting. To this end, I would like to submit to you a petition of peace. I can offer schematics based on the original design for the Healing Light which may one day be helpful in healing both humanity, the divides between us, and our souls. Join me in bringing peace to these lands, brothers.

I call on all our great faction members to spend a moment of introspection, reflecting upon the past, and dreaming of the future.

Let us build a new future together, and let Tangent Technologies enter a new era of understanding, faith, and love for our neighbours.

I am petitioning our board of directors to cancel all weapon development, and looking to cancel our contracts with HEW and Archer & Wesson. I have an appointment with Damion very shortly, where I should be able to pump these changes through.

I am also examining how I can restructure our runner operations to make carrying the Law Enforcer mandatory, as a show of good faith.

Of course this will have repercussions for the Guilds within Tangent, but we shall work hard to find them a new home.

It has been my great privilege to share my vision - my purpose - with you today.

Take care,
Felica Paco-Katido
Acting Tangent Technologies Faction Assistant.
Chris Friedel