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Foul Play Leads to Rotten Eggs

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In an unexpected turn of events, Easter once again came to the streets of Neocron. Despite the length of time the faded and derelict eggs of last year remained in our streets, our suspicions surrounding the return of Easter were rendered moot over the weekend. As we previously reported, those remaining eggs have slowly vanished in recent weeks and now we know why - The Bunny Man came back.

According to our reports, in the dead of night on Saturday the ‘Bunny Man’ once again travelled the Wastelands placing his decorated eggs full of treats.

Our sources in the NCPD report that during the night security cameras across the Inner City went offline for a couple of minutes, upon returning Eggs were seen scattered across these sectors. Even in sectors patrolled by numerous CopBot’s there are no witnesses to these mysterious events. No one claims to have seen this illusive benefactor, or know where he stores these large egg shaped containers.

On Sunday Runners scoured the streets looking for valuable items contained within the numerous eggs around the city; some were delighted with what they received. However for some a much darker surprise awaited them. We have had numerous reports of people approaching the Eggs for them to suddenly burst open, revealing snakes, scorpions and even Mutant Scouts curled up inside.

Needless to say there were casualties and in some cases GeneReplicator backups of some Runners were required. Whether this was the intention of the Bunny Man or not, this certainly adds another layer of the unknown to this whole scenario.

The NCPD have launched a full investigation of the occurrences over the Easter weekend and ask for any Runners affected by the random attacks (dubbed ‘Rotten Eggs’ by some citizens) to contact their Faction Assistant or come forward below. The Neocronicle will do all it is able to ensure your insights reach the correct authorities.

Another bizarre and eventful weekend in Neocron. It certainly seems that recently the status quo in the City, has crumbled.

Jake Davies
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