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Warbots Attack Neocron City Gates

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Out of nowhere a sudden and deadly threat presented itself to the population of Neocron. During a routine Sunday evening in the City a stirring from the Wastelands caused runners and faction leaders alike to sit up and take note. Our sources in the NCPD confirm the systems used to monitor the Wastelands suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree. Soon afterwards STORMbots out in the field began submitting reports of a huge force of Juggernaut Warbots slowly marching toward the City.

As well as the Warbot threat, runners at the scene also confirmed the presence of a significant number of heavily armed, mutated Ceres Soldiers. Usually found in old storage rooms out in the Wastelands, these post-humans rarely interact with Runners unless their homes are disturbed. A known location of these mutants is beneath Point Red, a partially inhabited ruin located in sector B_07. When questioned an inhabitant of Point Red (who wishes to remain nameless) said as the Warbots passed close by they were uninterested in the ruined village and its cowering occupants.

However they did go on to say:
Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
the massive vibrations caused by all the warbots Ė there were so many! Ė disturbed the mutant guys underground, they started coming up topside which Iíve never seen them do before. They seemed really pissed at the warbots and started limping after them and trying to shoot them with their rocket launchers! Itís no wonder no one goes down there, there was shit loads of them!
Yet despite all this an armed response to protect the City did not come from the City Administration, instead this came from an entirely unusual source -from Tsunami Syndicateís Faction Assistant, Giovanni Mori. When pressed for answers in the days after attack Mr Mori had only this to say:

Quote Originally Posted by Giovanni Mori - Faction Assistant, Tsunami Syndicate
After the disaster in the Dome, we all have a vested interest in the survival of Neocron City. While weíre no Fallen Angels we still have some tech to see whatís going on out there. When we realised City Administration and the NCPD were not going to act, I felt it necessary to get out there and bring together Runners of all factions to protect our home. Thatís all there is to it.
While without his actions the City could have been overrun, when further questioned Mr Mori Ė who has not been seen in public for years due to a string of health issues - would not comment. Although he seems fine and well for now, this reporter canít help but think there were different motives behind his act of heroism.

The main mystery of this scenario is of course where these Warbots came from. While there are hundreds of these deadly mechs still roaming the North Western Wastelands from wars gone by, these hulking masses of technology were slightly different in appearance and weapon loadout. What makes this even more confusing is there are no reports of these traveling machines North of Regants Fortress, indicating they came from an unknown location between the sectors around the Outpost and Neocron City.

Where did they come from? What made them group and suddenly travel huge distances towards Neocron? Call this a hunch but I think there is more to this than meets the eye, only time will tell.

Jake Davies,