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Here Comes the Bunny Man?

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This time of year is a weird one in Neocron City, while everyone goes about their business in their usual manner, something odd has happened for a number of years which few people have questioned. Now as the time draws nearer it has become the cause of chatter in the streets once again as citizens and Runners alike wonder… “When will the Bunny Man come?”

What we have come to know as Easter, is a time in Neocron when a mysterious benefactor takes to the streets and the wider wastelands distributing large colourful egg shaped containers. These containers have been known to contain items of extreme value and are in some cases quite hard to come by. So far over the years since this bizarre distribution of goods began, no one has been able to identify this mysterious individual which has led him to become somewhat of a legend.

In fact the only clues in any of this weird ritual – including the name of Easter -are the notes left tagged to the containers every year. Each one simply stating: “Happy Easter. Love, the Bunny Man x”.

While everyone seems to have enjoyed the new toys they find in the streets each year, one thing that has never been understood is, who is the Bunny Man?

Usually the whole affair is done and dusted within a matter of days; the eggs appear on a Friday morning in mid spring. Then as mysteriously as they appeared they vanish again on the following Monday, not to be seen again for 12 months.

The events of last year’s Easter have caused even more discussion in the streets. After the usual 4 days a number of the mysterious eggs remained. As months passed the NCPD chose to remove those in busier city sectors, some in the Wastelands and run down areas of the City remained, their paint fading and gathering dust. Some even became homes to some of the Wastelands smaller creatures.

What has become of the Bunny Man, and will he return to making his rounds again this year?

Jake Davies
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