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Smuggled goods in Pepper Park?

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The fact that Pepper Park offers all sorts of things isn't new, but according to disturbing rumours, in addition to the usual drugs, dirty secrets and questionable services of all kinds, valuable goods from faction stocks could also become available in Pepper Park in the future.

Initial research suggests that goods from all factions, even the CityAdmin itself, may be available on the black market if you have the necessary negotiating skills.
Queries from Neocronicle in the faction HQs make it clear: the faction supply managers are shaken and cannot explain this circumstance.
The information, however, was quite sparse and it was repeatedly said that "investigations" had been initiated.

So far it is completely unclear who is behind it, how they managed to get their hands on these goods and how exactly the smugglers get in touch with their customers.

Patricia Cole
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