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Is the Brotherhood digging into the past?

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Dear Readers,
We have received information from deep within the Brotherhood of Crahn which we don't want to withhold from you.

A reliable source told us that the Brotherhood of Crahn is seeking the grave of their leader, "Crahn".

They stated:

"For years the Brotherhood has been looking for the grave of their Grandmaster, their Messiah. So far, we have been unsuccessful.
Last year, however, the Brotherhood found a lost parchment with instructions on how to make a glove Crahn's Hand.

What was previously unknown is that the Brotherhood had found another parchment; one which might direct them to the grave of their Messiah. The Brotherhood has put all their resources into deciphering this parchment. Although they have made considerable progress, they have not completed their work.

Our source confirmed that Crahn's grave is thought to be in the Wastelands - accessible via an ancient hidden tunnel, which supposedly leads to a chapel."

Is it true? Did the Brotherhood find the grave? Not yet, according to our source:

"The Brotherhood has dug and dug, but not found the grave of their master. They have found something else ... something dangerous - something that should never have been discovered.
The higher orders know more. All I know is that, except one brother, no one has ever returned from there - he was so traumatized that he said only the following:

"Baneful... Spider... Evil... DOOM!"

We will continue investigating about this story and report to you, dear readers, as soon as we have new information.

Dexter White
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