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Housing and Weapons Crisis In Neocron?

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Since the recent population surge in Neocron city and the wastelands, numerous new apartments have been given and sold to runners of all factions. Rumour has it that this is a resource that could near it's peak someday, and tip over from abundance to scarceness. The same worries apply to the sector of armaments and consumer supplies for the hard working runner on the streets.
Since those were understandably getting worried about this, the Neocronicle took onto the task of shedding some light on this issue. We managed to get hold of a leading broker of Diamond Real estate, under the condition of anonymity. Our reporter Van Der Meer spoke to him in a corner of a moody local restaurant.

Question: „There have been rumours of a rise of housing costs and apartment prices throughout the city, while less so in the wasteland dwellings of Tech Haven, the Military Base or the Canyon Facility – do you think there is merit to these whisperings?“

Answer: „Well, let me put it this way: The population surge would mean a tremendous business opportunity for the Diamond Real Estate agency – if it weren't for the City Administration, who ... regulates ... any free market options. On the other hand we are in talks with our business partners in the Pepper Park Area, who are more open to free trade and a market-oriented approach.“

Q: „Of course... does this mean a change in Diamonds relations to either the City Administration and the Tsunami Syndicate?“

A: „You will certainly understand that i'm not in a position to comment on this matter. Only the future can tell which options the leading real estate corporation of Neocron will pursue“.

To also get some input on the rumours about the weapon market, we sent our reporter for a meeting with Mr. Mazzaro, a top manager with Tangent Technologies.

Q: „Mr. Mazzaro, what can you tell us about rumours of weapon prices rising due to exploding demand?“

A: „I must ask you not to waste my time with nonsense like that. Todays High End-user weapons are mostly custom manufactured by specialists, based on OUR designs mostly i'd like to add. Development of new weapons models on the other hand is severely hindered by our enemies and competitors, mainly in the ranks of Biotech and the Fallen Angels. We must insist on better security, as to be provided by the City Administration. If the situation is not improving soon, we need to strengthen our ties to both the City Mercs, with both firepower to back us up and their expertise in ballistics. We even consider collaborating with Protopharm who could become a partner in armour technology in the coming years. That's everything for the moment, Mr. Van Der Meer, I got more pressing businesses waiting. A productive day to you!“

While neither interview gave us a clear picture of coming market development in housing and weaponry, we instead received the impression of severe tensions behind the corporate storefronts.
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