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City Admin: Blue Is The Colour Of Safety

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Neocron City will be safer. That is the claim made via an official City Administration communique, with CopBots all over the city having received new, highly efficient weaponry. Due to recent progress in weapons and defensive technology, the line of CopBot rifles used for years has recently proven to be inadequate. To ensure the safety of Neocron citizens, City Administration responsibly issued a development request to Tangent Technologies. The new, enhanced line of CopBot rifles was originally planned to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

However due to an incident in Plaza Sector 1, where a thoroughly sought-after wrong-doer with a long list of cases of misconduct, appeared and started harassing people and disturbing the public order. City Administration immediately issued an order to the NCPD to bring the new weaponry into patrol duty ahead of schedule. The new rifles are easily recognised by their distinctive police-blue warning lights.

We have also received the following statement from NCPD officer-in-charge Mauritio DiFranco: "Criminals of the City, the Outzone and the Wastelands be warned! The NCPD will no longer condone impudent behaviour of known criminals. CopBots have been advised to shoot on sight, and use deadly force where necessary. The new Tangent Tech weapons are made to stun, and made to kill.

We all need to be thankful for the efforts made by both City Admin and the NCPD to keep our streets safe and free of crime. The millions of credits used for the development of new CopBots rifles are well spent. You can be sure the Neocronicle will keep you informed how well the stun effect and upgraded plasma power fares in the fight against crime in our city.
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