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Cron55 for president? Not this time!

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We have received word of a runner reporting strange activities in zones A11 and B11 to the south of McPherson factory. This warning came by email, saying:

"Foo, therez moar horrorz in coast area souf of mkferson, look out!"

Since the sender of this email was unconfirmed, we asked for info at the City Admin Headquarters, only to be told that the situation is classified and best left to the authorities. "Runners are warned not to interfere. This matter is being handled by the City Admin", said the officer-in-charge, who asked not to be named for security reasons. Naturally, City Admin undoubtedly have full control over the situation.

We also deployed wasteland-savvy Neocronicle Reporter Raziel Kane to the area for an in-depth investigation. As Raziel was reporting live from the McPherson factory facilities, he met runners heading north from the beach area to re-supply at the Yo's pawn shops at McPherson Factory. Nobody seemed to have encountered any threats, so our reporter moved south carefully. At an ancient building near the seaside he found a couple of empty Cron 55 crates and a data disk. The message on the disk played as follows:

"Anarchy Breed Radio: Fuck you, slaves of Reza! The Anarchy Breed have decided to end all activities! Go and get freedom yourself! We're having loads of crates of Cron 55 to celebrate the chaos we caused. Cron 55 for president! Yeah! Fuck it!

We can only conclude that the Anarchy Breed has given up all terrorist activities and returned to consuming alcohol. We will of course keep an eye on the situation, but right now it appears that the Anarchy Breed are no longer a threat. While it's unlikely that 'Cron 55' will be made president of Neocron any time soon, he may just have saved us ... this time.

As for the recent events, it looks like the immediate threat is over, but for how long? The Anarchy Breed are back, and we can only hope for a never-ending supply of Cron 55 to be sent to their filthy wasteland settlements. So stay vigilant and have a productive day, citizens!

Tudor van der Meer