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Terrorists defeated!

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Last night’s fight for safety of our suburbs was a big success! Read what the authorities have to say:

“The City Administration proudly announces peace for our time! The threat has been removed from the outskirts of Neocron. The Anarchy Breed has been defeated. Threat level has moved to green (one)… no, wait, it's blue (two). You never know.”

We should be thankful for both the quick deployment of STORM-Bots to the infested areas, and for the support given by the Neocron runners to get rid of the wasteland plague within our city walls. Here is hoping the threat is over and we all can return to work, having a happy and productive day!

In fact this was no small victory. The source of evil was located in an industrial storage sector. An improvised army of Neocron runners, accompanied by a CopBot, and two Neocronicle Reporters had to fight down a storage hall filled with Anarchy Breed punks, chaos critters, giant mutated dragonflies and then finally reaching the epicentre of the disturbance. This last room, was filled to the brim with chaos mobs, with not less than two Decayed Horrors towering over the scene! After a prolonged and bloody fight, it appeared that they were breeding eggs in the storage. The city fighters destroyed all visible eggs, only to be attacked from behind by Anarchy Harassers, who must have followed us down there unseen.

Finally the fight was won, the floor and walls wet with blood, but the city is safe once again. It is still unknown how the Anarchy Breed were able to bring the eggs and Decayed Horrors deep into the storage sector, but the City Admin will be investigating this in detail.

Tudor van der Meer

Decayed Horrors guarding an egg:
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