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Anarchy Breed on the rise?

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Today, we received a datacube with a message at our office that was anonymously delivered to us via a cash-courier.
The original wording of the message reads as follows:

"Anarchy Breed Radio: Fuck you, slaves of the System! The Anarchy Breed has decided to end the order of the City Admin! Your city will be trampled by wasteland predators, and your rule will come to an end! Flee in horror, while you can!"

Unfortunately the courier could not, or would not, divulge any more specific information on the origin of the delivery other than 'this guy on the street down in Plaza...'

Even if we don't have any proof of the validity of any claims made therein, we decided to publish this and also immediately informed the City Administration.

Of course the authorities have a word to say on that:

"The City Administration declares all Anarchy Breed statements to be baseless. These are attempts of terrorizing the peaceful citizens of Neocron. In fact there is no danger within or around the city limits. Travelers to the wastelands are advised to take special precautions."

Stay tuned for more news on the Anarchy Breed and their sinister plans.

Tudor van der Meer

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