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Danger in the Main Sewer

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Biotech released a statement today advising caution to all runners travelling around the Main Sewer area. In recent weeks a Biotech Survey team entered the Main Sewer area to gather toxicology reports on the water down there. When another reporter at the press conference asked what a company like Biotech would want with an old sewer pipe he was politely told that it was corporate business and therefore none of his concern. From speaking to several sources I have within Biotech it seems that they are interested in the levels of toxins for use in further implant research. My source spoke on condition of anonymity of course but speculation is growing that Biotech might be developing some new line of implants.

I put this question to the spokesperson and was told that Biotech simply wished to harden its implants against the environmental effects suffered by runners in the wastelands.

The spokesperson went on to say that the team had encountered particularly ferocious giant rats in the sewers and there seemed to be an abundance of Mutant Aggressors also. Luckily the scientists had taken the necessary precautions of having a close protection element with them to carry out their work but they wished to make it known to the general public that greater care should be taken if the need arose to enter the sewers.

When asked if Biotech would be subcontracting any missions of this sort to other runners of other factions the spokesperson coldly replied that Biotech would not seek to engage with runners from outside its own faction and therefore no contracts would be offered. However the individual did seem to sneer a little after advising that City Admin would probably offer a generous bounty as "after all, they need the money now don't they" I quote.

Gore Burnelli
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  1. monsterandroid's Avatar
    Interesting things have been said.
  2. Xeus's Avatar
    Why isn't this posted in the CityCom? It's quality stuff. I would love to see it.