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Plaza Security - City Admin Respond

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You may recall that a number of weeks ago the weapon dampener in Plaza Sector 1 was reportedly sabotaged, which resulted in the death of two runners after weapons were unexpectedly drawn. Since the incident NExT Security Technicians have been in the sector around the clock trying to establish how the security measures in place were bypassed allowing the system to be taken offline. Additional security was placed in the sector immediately after the attack.

In light of the recent events that took place in the Plaza District, the City Administration has remained largely quiet on the issue, until now as it has finally released a statement regarding the situation.

A City Administration spokesperson had this to say:
After a significant investigation into the recent incident in Plaza Sector 1 carried out by our own personnel, along with NExT Systems Incorporated, and members of the NCPD, we have established how the security measures in place were bypassed allowing the system to be tampered with.

As rumored the Twilight Guardian was indeed behind the terrorist attacks that sabotaged the system, and are to blame for this loss of life and unnecessary violence in our great city!

The Jack Red Administration will not stand for actions of this nature, nor will we allow these so called rebels to threaten the security of the citizens or the runners of our great city.

As a result NCPD have redoubled their security efforts in Plaza Sectors 1 and 2 and will continue to evaluate the security of the other sectors in the Inner City. We will also begin to deploy our own personnel at key locations in the City, starting with City Administration Headquarters in Plaza Sector 1. For the security of our people, these forces are authorized to attack anyone they deem to be of suspicious origin on sight.
While it is clearly concerning that the Twilight Guardian have managed to enter the heart of our city, it is a relief to know that as always the benevolent and mighty City Administration have taken actions to protect us all.

The Jack Red Administration has also confirmed that a Presidential visit to City Administration HQ would occur in the next couple of weeks, so that President Red may personally reassure the day to day operatives of the City Administration.

NExT System Inc. have also confirmed that the Plaza 1 weapon dampener is running smoothly with replacement parts but will continue their monitoring of the system for the next few days. NExT also re-enforced the point that the replacement parts used are in plentiful supply and that rumours of these parts being incredibly costly and difficult to produce are false.

When we have more information on the mobilization of security within the City, as confirmed today by City Administration, we will of course keep you informed.

Jake Davies