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Anarchy Breed Riot in Pepper Park!

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After more and more mutants crawling out of their hideouts in the past few weeks, we have now reached new heights in the recent concerns over security. Large numbers of Anarchy Breed managed to enter Pepper Park Sector 3, ready to cause mayhem long since witnessed on the streets of the Red Light District. While the chaos could not be prevented, it was eventually contained before any structural damage had taken place.

Under the lead of NCPD Special Operations Officer John Davis, an alliance was forged out of necessity. Consisting of members from City Administration, their allies and backed up by members from the Pepper Park factions the unsteady alliance fought against the intruders. Davis, a City Administration Officer and his men not only had to face Anarchy Breed but also the mutant backup the Breed brought with them.

Officer Davis was available for an interview shortly after the last Anarchy Breed scum dropped dead. On the question of how the anarchists had managed to come this far he answered: "The City Administration board decided that the security of the inner city sectors needed more attention after recent incidents. Therefore troops have been withdrawn from the outer sectors like Pepper Park. On top of that reinforcement troops have been dispatched in the Plaza District to increase security even further. This leaves us in a difficult situation out here. Heck they managed to bring in a whole damn fucking platoon it seems."

On the question of what the Breed wanted in the Pepper Park Davis has this to say: "Honestly I don't know what they wanted here, they are all dead now. But teaming up with mutants looks like something has driven them out of their hide outs, fighting them felt like fighting men who have nothing to lose at all." Of course we asked if he had heard the rumours about Twilight Guardian planning something big and if this incident could be connected to that, he went a little nuts but ensured us, that "scum like that is never capable of planing big things, they're to busy chasing their own tail."

"In the long run, we have to rely more on Runner assistance to keep the inner city sectors clear of such threats," Officer Davis stated regarding the general safety in Pepper Park.

We like to thank all runners that helped to keep our city safe and clean. Our deepest condolences to the surviving dependents, may this never happen again, their lives have been sacrificed for a greater good. For Neocron. For the people.

AJ West