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Neofrag Sports #3

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The next round of Neofrag team deathmatches has taken place with much higher security level than normal. No one was quite sure why two STORMbots were present, some rumours suggested people feared NEOFRAG matches were being targeted by terrorists.

Those rumours were quickly blown away when Jack Red entered the arena. When we say blown away, we mean literally blown away by tremendous applause and cheering. President Red chose a seat in the middle of the common folks, while he was guarded by two STORMbots at all times, the message was clear - Jack Red was here to enjoy himself.

President Red, a huge fan of NEOFRAG, attended both team matches although he never revealed his favorite team. Regrettably we couldn't get an audience with the President but when passing our reporter he did quickly comment that he had "enjoyed his evening in the City but had to leave and ensure everything is running smoothly at City Administration HQ".

With the President in the house the pressure was stacked even higher for the teams to deliver a good show and a good show was certainly delivered. First up were the Anarchists against sMASH!. The Tsunami Syndicate team Anarchists entered the arena surrounded by dancing girls doing their signature incredible stunts. It must be said the entertainment factor of this team is still unbeaten, even with Protopharm's decision to give their team sMASH! a whole redesign, shying away from the greyish uniforms they introduced last season.

The match itself had everything a good deathmatch needs in addition to the the obvious grisly deaths of the players. Breath taking stunts, tactics, incredible displays of skill and of course a celebrated winner. In this case it was the Anarchists, who won 42:39.

Next up the match between the Saints and the Dusk Paladins was in no way inferior to the first. The Paladins, recently subjected to a personnel overhaul ordered by their trillionaire owner A. Peck, were said to be in for a hard time against the Saints sponsored by the infamous Crahn Sect. While the Saints have had their own overhaul in the equipment department Peck was confident for his team in an interview before the match: "This team is going to kick ass!".

The Saints are mainly staffed with PSI users and therefore require a whole different set of tactics to deal with them. The Paladins did their homework though and managed to beat the Saints with a clear 56:43.

In the singles league match Joe Spengler scored only one point to his combatant Aris Foo. Foo, who managed to score several spawn kills, ended with 41 points on his counter.

Stay tuned, we keep you informed.

AJ West