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NeoCast: New DJ-Equipment Installed at the Electric Vibes Club

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Over the last week DJ BlackMaze has been transmitting his NeoCast across the City. Just in time for his Friday show a new DJ Booth and more powerful sound system was installed for the DJ. The exclusive system, with its custom design and unique finish, should help the well known radio channel produce a better quality of transmission with improved audio across the city.

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The new system was paid for via sponsorship by our Editor in Chief Barry Pepper, who grinned as he answered questions about the lavish investment: "With the cancellation of Neocronicle's Christmas Party, as well as the work outing this year, the investment shouldn't have too much effect on the budget of the Neocronicle."

The new music system is a top of the range mobile platform utilising the latest generation of kit, which can be easily transported and set-up at any site.

On top of the new sound system Red Pepper Entertainment Group provided their dancers and strippers for free during Friday's live show. The grand unveiling of the new system at Friday's NeoCast rave was one of the reasons which lead to the huge success of the live show.

According to the NCPD there was a record number of complaints from the Outzone in the vicinity of the Electric Vibes Club, which is definitely proof of the capacity of the new system.

Shortly before our editorial deadline the following announcement reached us from the NCPD:
The NCPD informs citizens that a new, extremal dangerous drug has surfaced on the market. If there is a connection between the chemical substance dubbed "The BlackMaze Drug" and the charismatic DJ of NeoCast, it remains to be seen.

In addition to this a spokesperson from City Administration commented on his concerns that Red Pepper Entertainment, rumored to be founded by Tsunami Syndicate and Black Dragon could be involved in the organisation, and potentially the financing, of the radio show.

As soon as more details become available, we will inform you.

Matt Bunker
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  1. SilentEye's Avatar
    My continued appreciation for the Neocronicle in regard to their sponsorship! Thank you guys, you rock!