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Neofrag Sports #2

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The next series of neofrag matches have taken place.

This time the well know Scavengers, under the new lead of John McFran, went into battle with the Mechanics. McFran a native of the Wasteland and raised by Nomads was discovered or should we say traced and arrested ten years ago by the NCPD as main suspect in several cases of Wasteland convoy heists. McFran was hunted for two weeks by the NCPD, and although several times they had him surrounded, he somehow managed to escape.

The NCPD finally managed to capture him alive but with some good negotiations McFran got away with only ten years of jail time. Boyden Brace, head coach of the Scavengers, bailed him out of jail just in time for training for this new season and is highly convinced of his skills when dealing with a superior number of enemies.

Brace said before the match: "John McFran is going to be one of most remarkable Neofrag players ever." The match itself went fairly easy with a final outcome of 34:54 for the Scavengers as the Mechanics had to go without Travor Howles. Howles is suffering a three match suspension for using blacklisted drugs in an official game.

City Mercs' Soldiers of Fortune fought against the Black Dragons' Goon Squad. The match was fast paced and the Soldiers scored well at the beginning. Their lead was taken away by some awesome group kills in the second half of the game, leading to a result of 51:59 for the Goons.

Games in the Singles League had to be postponed due to mutants in the locker room. Outcome: None of the participants hurt, 23 Mutants dead. Lia Cheng described the mutant attack as "[the] dumbest place to crawl out of the sewer ever".

Stay tuned, we keep you informed.

AJ West