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The Bunny Man has struck again.
The weird eggs with goodies for the finder have been placed again all around neocron. Some have even been spotted in the wastes.

For the time being no foul eggs like last year have been reported. But since last year some people have died of these trick eggs the City Administration has put a bounty on the head of the mysterious bunny man. So far the City Administration hoped to catch him red-handed, but again he managed to place his eggs unseen. Even a promising update to copbots and the camera system didn't work as expected. According to a NCPD spokesperson the suspect wasn't able to shut down the cameras this time but they nonetheless didn't catch a picture of him.

So if you have seen him, know who he is or where he can be found, turn in that information directly to City Administration or a Copbot near you.
Additionally the Neocronicle has put a price on a photo of the Bunny Man placing his easter eggs. So check your own cameras, maybe, just by chance you have recorded him and didn't notice.

And if you're the Bunny Man reading this, contact us. We're interested in an interview.

As always, we keep you informed.

AJ West

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