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Neofrag Sports

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The new Neofrag season has begun!

In the opening game the City Administration team Birds of Prey fought against the BioTech Inc team Toxic. Toxic lost with 45 to 48 in a rough and close match. Ryan Colby Leader of the Birds: "Toxic was a though opponent and in the last quater we were close to loosing but Jack saved the day with that incredible front tuck dodge. Simmons didn't even stand a chance and that opened up the opportunity to seal the deal and go for victory."

The game between Diamond Real Estate Builders and Tangent Industries Xrays went as expected to the hottly tipped Xrays with a final score of 30 to 41.

In the single league all time favourite Joe Spengler won with 4 points advance to the second Lia Cheng. He dominated the match since the first minute. In the second half he lost a few points due to bad luck but recovered quickly.

Seems that we're looking forward to a good and exicting season. Stay tuned, we keep you informed.

AJ West