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Neocron City Lottery Winner!

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Greetings dear Runners!

Today we, at the Neocronicle, would like to bring you great news and joyous tidings. We would like to announce the first winner of the City Administration Lottery, in association with Diamond Real Estate!

Our first lucky winner has found himself the proud owner of a brand new Via Rosso deluxe apartment complete with a very special set of unique prizes and rewards inside.

I got the inside scoop on this incredibly lucky runner. (Our transcript follows)

Gore: "So Mr Kaden De Ward - the first winner of the City Administration Lottery!"

De Ward: "Yes I am so pleased to be receiving my new apartment key today! It really is very exciting!"

Gore: "Yes I can imagine, Mr De Ward can you please tell us a few details about how you found yourself in this situation?"

De Ward: "Yes I am a clerk working for the Pussy Club, I guess technically you could say that I am a Tsunami Syndicate accountant but I have not done any work for any client other than the Pussy Club ownership in a long time. Well this one day I was sat at my desk reading my emails and an email came through inviting me to join in this secret lottery. It said that it was a brand new project and I had been invited to join as a special invitation."

Gore: "So it cost you nothing and you stood the chance to win a fabulous prize?"

De Ward: "Yes basically. The email promised a luxurious apartment in Via Rosso filled with delicious goods and a large celebration party for the winner. I couldn't possibly have turned it down! My own apartment building in Pepper Park is currently undergoing maintenance and repairs as it has leaked for nearly 3 months and there have been reports of mutants in our basements!"

Gore: "And this apartment you have just received has instantly catapulted you out of that poverty and elevated you up to a newfound status within your faction?"

De Ward: "Well I hope so - I have not actually looked around it yet but I am keen to go there after our interview and see what treasures are in store for me!"

Gore: "Mr De Ward it has been a pleasure talking to you. I wish you good luck with your new deluxe home and wish to say thank you for the interview."
So runners there you go. The first winner is clearly a very satisfied customer! This Lottery has been brought to you by the benevolence of the City Administration in partnership with the most loyal citizens at Diamond Real Estate.

Keep a look out for an invitation to the next Neocron City Lottery as the winner could be you!

Gore Brunelli