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  1. Intercepted Message Hints At Tangent Troubles

    We received this encrypted message from a very weak source in the Wastes... If anyone has any information that can help us decipher this, or make sense, please get in touch
    Quote Originally Posted by Bud_Juds4n
    Anarchy.... . .... . . .. trapped.... . ... Felica insane... ... . .. ucking her way to the top.... .. whore... Jordan... Tangent ripped apart... drugged...kill them all.... I need that briefcase.... evidence... damned fucking hippie....
    Intrigue upon intrigue... What on earth is happening now? ...
  2. Task Force Successfully Clears Out Mauler Over-population

    Over the last few weeks there had been reports of Maulers turning up outside their normal habitat, and moving around in the south east area of the wastelands. Runners had turned up in Plaza 1 and 2 with serious burn injuries and broken bones. One runner, who was treated in medicare described her experience as follows.

    "...hordes of maulers popped up out from nowhere attacking us and vanished as they appeared! Absolutely volatile!"
    For weeks it seems City Administration ...
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  3. Warbots Attack Neocron City Gates

    Out of nowhere a sudden and deadly threat presented itself to the population of Neocron. During a routine Sunday evening in the City a stirring from the Wastelands caused runners and faction leaders alike to sit up and take note. Our sources in the NCPD confirm the systems used to monitor the Wastelands suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree. Soon afterwards STORMbots out in the field began submitting reports of a huge force of Juggernaut Warbots slowly marching toward the City.

    As ...
  4. Here Comes the Bunny Man?

    This time of year is a weird one in Neocron City, while everyone goes about their business in their usual manner, something odd has happened for a number of years which few people have questioned. Now as the time draws nearer it has become the cause of chatter in the streets once again as citizens and Runners alike wonder… “When will the Bunny Man come?”

    What we have come to know as Easter, is a time in Neocron when a mysterious benefactor takes to the streets and the wider wastelands ...
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