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  1. Mutant Attack!

    Neocron Citizens are concerned about recent reports of increased mutant activity, so it's up to the Neocronicle to investigate details and background information. Of course our first official video call connected to the City Administration, only to hear that there is nothing to be confirmed or denied on this matter.

    Fortunately we received a citycom message out of Tech Haven soon after – do those scientists just know more than ...
  2. Deadly Tensions in the Wastelands

    Is there a new kind of conflicts growing in the wastelands? The Neocronicle has received hints from sources familiar to that matter, our Reporter Tudor Vandermeer went on investigating this.

    An informant with connections to Neocrons underworld made these pictures available to us and sent in an eyewitness report. Here it is:

    As we speak, Gravis Uplink is administrated by the Mutant Faction. I was out there in the
  3. Tödliche Spannungen in den Wastelands

    Entsteht gerade eine neue Welle von Konflikten in den Wastelands? Der Neocronicle erhielt Hinweise aus Quellen, die mit der Sache vertraut sind. Unser Reporter Tudor Vandermeer machte sich daran, genaueres herauszufinden.

    Ein Informant mit Verbindungen zu Neocrons Halbwelt aus dem Pepper Park spielte uns diese Fotos zu, und gab uns einen Augenzeugenbericht, den wir hier wiedergeben wollen:

    Im Moment wird