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  1. Zero tolerance on cheating and hacking.

    As you may have noticed a large number of Neocron game accounts have been banned recently. This is an important process to keep the game fair for everyone.

    Players are being banned for cheating, hacking and duplicating items every day. We have a zero tolerance policy towards these actions, even if the account is being used by someone other than the owner.

    Avoid cheats, hacks and duplicated items. If you are suspicious of the source of certain items stay well away to avoid ...
  2. Attack on our community

    The Neocron Services are currently, and have been for days, target of a DDoS attack.
    This means our bandwith is getting maxed out with garbage requests, rendering parts of the service unusable for our community.
    We are truly sorry for everyone who would like to enjoy this wonderful game and are doing what is possible to mitigate the attack.

    Please note that the game servers will show limited availability - we advice you to stay put until the situation is resolved. ...
  3. Reminder: Zero Tolerance on Exploits

    Over the course of the past days we had to discontinue a substantial number of accounts. Some of them temporary and many more permanently for serious violation of Neocron's rules of conduct. We are aware that over the course of the last decade, the official stance on people exploiting the game has not always been as strict as it should have been. We appeal to everyone not test the borders of our tolerance - for there is none. Hacking the game will get your accounts banned instantly and permanently. ...
  4. NeoCast: New DJ-Equipment Installed at the Electric Vibes Club

    Over the last week DJ BlackMaze has been transmitting his NeoCast across the City. Just in time for his Friday show a new DJ Booth and more powerful sound system was installed for the DJ. The exclusive system, with its custom design and unique finish, should help the well known radio channel produce a better quality of transmission with improved audio across the city.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The new system was paid for via sponsorship by our Editor in Chief Barry ...
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  5. Neocronicle News

    Dear readers,
    The turbulent and difficult times are behind us after the murder of President Jack Red. The Neocronicle has also had to struggle with the impact and the consequences of this terrible crime.

    The news embargo ordered by City Administration immediately after the assassination is, of course, reasonable and correct. After all, they had to make sure that the enemy is not able to abuse our press coverage as a source of information. In the course of this news embargo, ...
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