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  1. Is the Warbot-o-calypse coming upon us?

    We have received reports from several sources that we are about to be overran by Warbots – in an apocalyptic event that is set to make the destruction of the Dome of York appear trivial.

    So far, City Administration has refused our interview requests; but have issued the following statement:

    "All citizens of Neocron are safe, there is no coming apocalypse”.

    Although City Administration states there is no cause for concern, runners from other areas ...
  2. Wohnungs- und Waffenkrise in Neocron?

    Mit der jüngsten Bevölkerungsexplosion in Neocron gingen zahllose Apartments in den Besitz von neuen Runnern über. Gerüchte sprechen nun davon, dass diese Ressource irgendwann erschöpft sein könnten und die Stadt von einem Zustand des Überflusses zu einem des Mangels wechseln könnte. Weil viele Runner verständlicherweise über solch ein Gerücht besorgt sind, unternahm der Neocronicle den Versuch etwas Licht ins Dunkel zu bringen. Es gelang uns, Verbindung mit einem gut informierten Broker von Diamond ...
  3. Housing and Weapons Crisis In Neocron?

    Since the recent population surge in Neocron city and the wastelands, numerous new apartments have been given and sold to runners of all factions. Rumour has it that this is a resource that could near it's peak someday, and tip over from abundance to scarceness. The same worries apply to the sector of armaments and consumer supplies for the hard working runner on the streets.
    Since those were understandably getting worried about this, the Neocronicle took onto the task of shedding some light ...
  4. Neofrag Sports

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    The new Neofrag season has begun!

    In the opening game the City Administration team Birds of Prey fought against the BioTech Inc team Toxic. Toxic lost with 45 to 48 in a rough and close match. Ryan Colby Leader of the Birds: "Toxic was a though opponent and in the last quater we were close to loosing but Jack saved the day with that incredible front tuck dodge. Simmons didn't even stand a chance and that opened up the opportunity ...
  5. Violence in Via Rosso

    Last night the Neocronicle received many reports of fire fights in Via Rosso 2. According to these reports the hostility between Tangent Technologies and BioTech has flared up again leading to violence between security staff of both corporations. In addition to injuries sustained by members of these security teams, Runners have also been hurt in the cross fire. A number of Runners who were caught out by the fight even had to be revived via GenRep, after getting involved in the combat.
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