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  1. Mutant Attack!

    Neocron Citizens are concerned about recent reports of increased mutant activity, so it's up to the Neocronicle to investigate details and background information. Of course our first official video call connected to the City Administration, only to hear that there is nothing to be confirmed or denied on this matter.

    Fortunately we received a citycom message out of Tech Haven soon after – do those scientists just know more than ...
  2. Fallen Angels reagieren auf Pressemitteilung von Tangent Technologies.

    Soeben erreichte uns folgende Pressemitteilung der Fallen Angels:
    Fallen Angels,

    vor einigen Tagen wurde bei Tangent Technologies eine neue Fraktionsassistentin benannt. Normalerweise teile ich jedem neuen mitglied der TT-Konzernführung umgehend mit, dass sie sich vom Techhaven fernzuhalten haben.

    In diesem Fall aber, fiel meine Reaktion vollkommen anders aus. Ich hatte das Gefühl, ich sollte vielleicht zum Medicare und ein paar Pillen besorgen.
  3. Fallen Angels React to Tangent Technologies Press Release.

    This press release is just in from the Fallen Angels.
    Fallen Angels,

    A few days ago, a new Faction Assistant was appointed to Tangent Technologies. My normal reaction to any new appointment at Tangent is to tell them to stay out of Techhaven.

    This time my reaction was different. I felt I had to drop into MediCare and get some drugs.

    So Felica Paco-Katido, I’ve got one question I want to ask you. Are you out of your mind?!