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  1. Merry Christmas <3

    [I]Mutants roasting on an open fire
    Giant rats nipping at your nose
    Yuletide carols being sung by Copbot
    and chicks dressed up like bimbos
    Everybody knows....[/I]

    Oh hello there :) I was just doing a little singing...I sure love this time of year :) I used to hate it, then I had kids...their excitement is contagious, as well as every other germ they bring home from school.

    As we rapidly approach the holidays, I just wanted to take a few moments ...
  2. Wowza :D

    So Patch Day, bitches :D Amazing. I have been in this community for 12 years as of next month. I've seen many patches come and go, one in particular come, go, and never return in any incarnation; but that is the past. This is a fresh new VOLUNTEER dev team who has painstakenly worked to deliver us from the brink of extinction last january to a new patch a meer 11 months later. That's saying something, folks.

    Will it go without a hitch? Pfft...this is the intarwebz and this is a game ...