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Important News

A collection of important news and announcements by the Neocron Support Team, also shown in the Neocron Launcher.

  1. Patch R#177 Timeline

    Dear runners,

    it is about time for the next patch, [b]R#177[/b]. The release candidate for this patch will be applied to the PTS tonight (09.01.13). The patch notes will be released shortly after. Tomorrow (10.01.13), at around 20:00 GMT we will do some PvP as well as PvE events on Vedeena. In case we get more than 100 players to test on Vedeena at the same time for more than half an hour, there will be a double XP weekend starting at friday the 18. and ending in the morning on monday ...
  2. Server maintenance 20.12. 23:30 GMT

    Heya all,

    today, 20.12.12, we will conduct a short server maintenance at 23:30 GMT, it will take approximately 30 minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and will try to keep the downtime as short as possible.

  3. Patch R#175 Timeline

    After many weeks of hard work preparing the new patch, we are finally getting there. The servers will go down for patching on Wednesday 28th November 2012, at around 1800 UTC/GMT (1900 CET). We appreciate this window of downtime is not ideally placed but this process will take a few hours which a number of us need to schedule outside of our normal day jobs. We will inform you via Twitter, the forums and IRC once the servers are back online for the final stress test.

    Details about ...
  4. Testserver - report a l l problems !

    As many of you may know we are approaching a new retail patch and we would love to get this out the door sooner than later...

    ... BUT:
    [B]the Testserver has crashed a couple of times today with players on the server who did not report the crash and the circumstances.
    We absolutely need to know what is causing these crashes. So whenever you have issues on the Testserver, report them ASAP and with detailed information on your most recent actions.[/B]


    Updated 25-11-12 at 19:01 by Mokoi

  5. Public Testserver available

    A new testserver has been opened to the public and we invite everyone to go there and help test as much as possible to assist us on getting back on track with getting frequent fixes and enhancements out the door. Many people have asked for a way to help - this is your chance to make a big difference for Neocron.
    Details on how you you can join the testing efforts, alongside (testserver!) patchnotes can be found here: [url] ...
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