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All the latest in game news and headlines from the Neocronicle team. Visit our offices in Plaza 2.

  1. Epidemic Escalates - What is to Blame?

    The illness which has swept the City in the last few days has taken a significant turn for the worse. A number of bodies have been discovered in the streets of the Via Rosso and Plaza districts. We have even had reports of some people dying after rushing into the street screaming and clutching their heads before slumping to the ground. The latest from ProtoPharm is that they have still not identified the cause of the illness.

    While this is incredibly alarming news, it is important ...
  2. Epidemic of Unknown Illness Hits Neocron

    In the last week a major threat to the people of Neocron has raised its ugly head. While attacks on the City and key locations in the Wastelands have been on the up, this threat comes from a troubling location. An unknown source within the city.

    What the ProtoPharm scientists and Medicare doctors are calling an epidemic is becoming worse by the hour. Hundreds of citizens have contracted an unknown condition causing vomiting and mental instability; a breakout of such a scale has not ...
  3. Electric Vibes Handed Large Fine

    Where do you go to hang out with big-titted whores? For lots of us at the Neocronicle office, Electric vibes was our prime destination a simple trip from Outzone Station and a large, cavernous nightclub with plenty of seating and lots of ladies, ready, willing and able to cater for our expensive, insatiable and various appetites.

    This may change, however, as news reaches us of Electric Vibes receiving a record fine of over 150,000 credits for get this! unhygienic business practises... ...
  4. 110% Jump in Warbot Cola Sales

    After a slow few years in the Cola industry with no direct competition, sales at Warbot Cola Inc. had slowly fallen to the point of near collapse. Without any real innovation in their product line and a stagnant marketing campaign, a number of their customers had moved to other alternatives.

    That was certainly the case a few weeks ago, now Warbot Cola has seen a bit of a revival. With a new marketing campaign and promotion girls giving out free samples to everyone who passes by, the ...
  5. Tangent Circus Continues

    This just gets better and better. While the runners of this city defend against monstrous threats in the wastes, Tangent seems paralysed to provide assistance through internal wrangling! This press release just in from everyone's favourite masseuse and 'therapist'-cum-Faction Assistant, Paco Katido.


    I would dearly like to thank you for the overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding my future plans for Tangent Technologies. While some of you have concerns regarding
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