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All the latest in game news and headlines from the Neocronicle team. Visit our offices in Plaza 2.

  1. Christmas in Neocron

    Itís this time of year again! The nights get longer and colder, and as such, power armor life support systems are stressed to keep its user warm.

    As in previous years, City Administration has again provided the means to lighten up the dark nights, and bring joy to the heart and eyes of the people of Neocron, by putting up Xmas trees. Not to be outdone, many corporations followed City Administrationís example by putting up their own festive trees. Neocron is now bright with festive ...
  2. Mysterious Facilities Appear in the Wastelands.

    Over the course of the last week a number of medium-sized facilities have appeared across the Wastelands. The purpose of these locations is unknown, any attempts to approach the structures have been met with significant fire power putting even the most experienced Runners in extreme danger.

    From the images taken by a brave City Merc Soldier, who wishes to remain nameless, it can be seen that there ...
  3. A Greener Plaza?

    In recent weeks Runners in the Plaza District of Neocron City have noticed an increase in the greenery of the area. Large trees normally found in the more temperate areas of the Wastelands have been appearing.

    Just as confused as Runners in the area this reporter decided to find out where they came from. Runner reports suggest they were erected by a small team of overall-clad individuals during quiet periods in the district, mainly in the late evening or early hours of the morning. ...
  4. Warbot Cola Taken Off Market

    In response to ProtoPharm's shocking news yesterday, Warbot Cola Inc. have issued a statement regarding their now infamous product - Warbot Cola.

    Quote Originally Posted by Warbot Cola Inc. Press Release
    Warbot Cola has been taken off the market with immediate effect. All batches manufactured two weeks prior to our recent marketing push are effected and have been recalled. We have launched a full investigation into our internal policy and manufacturing streams to identify how this situation came to be.

    It is with
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  5. ProtoPharm Find Cause of Epidemic

    After a painstaking investigation against the clock to save the lives of the people of Neocron, ProtoPharm have discovered what they believe to be the cause of the illness sweeping the City. After pouring over the reports and lists of symptoms reported by citizens, it has been the initial deaths which have provided the key evidence required to bring this situation under control.

    In a press release earlier today, ProtoPharm had this to say.
    Quote Originally Posted by ProtoPharm Press Office
    After significant analysis
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