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  1. Anti-Tsunami Alliance Strikes Again

    Late Saturday evening breaking news reached our office of a huge strike against the Tsunami Syndicate clan Rockshore Surf Club by a spontaneous alliance of the clans; Last Generation (City Administration), Retired Extremely Dangerous (Black Dragon) and 17th CityMercs Platoon (City Mercs).

    Acute investigations of our war correspondents and valuable information from our informants have revealed the following background information.

    We have been lead to believe Rockshore ...
  2. Breaking News: Runner Alliance Against Tsunami Syndicate

    Last night an offensive strike began against the Tsunami Syndicate. According to preliminary reports an alliance has been forged by Runners of City Administration, City Mercs and Black Dragon to target the Syndicate. Currently the lines are buzzing with new information. Stay tuned, as always we will keep you informed.

    AJ West
  3. Neocronicle Newscast Debut

  4. Canyon in Uproar?

    Breaking news reached the Neocronicle through a member of the Twilight Guardian yesterday.

    Twilight Guardian has struggled with internal differences. Violent conflicts between members of the faction are erupting on a daily basis and the security personnel can't fight it anymore. On top of that even outposts held by a Twilight Guardian clan have been attacked and conquered by a clan of the same faction. Only to hand them over to a Tsunami Syndicate clan without a fight.
  5. Yo's Takes Over Snack'A'Tack in Pepper Park

    The small Snack'A'Tack store in Pepper Park Sector 3 was well renowned as a prime location to grab a quick snack or even make small talk with cheerful owner Harry Morgan for over a decade. Morgan suddenly shuttered the shop a few days ago citing a well deserved retirement effective immediately as his reason.

    It did not take long for rumours to surface regarding the recent closure, with some hinting it may have been involuntary due to nonpayment of protection fees purportedly forced ...

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