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All the latest in game news and headlines from the Neocronicle team. Visit our offices in Plaza 2.

  1. Plaza 1 Security Sabotaged?

    Safety in Neocron took another blow last week as the localised system which prevents the operation of weapons in Plaza Sector 1, failed without warning. Technicians from NeXT Systems dispatched to the scene let slip to the Neocronicle that vital components of the system had actually been stolen.

    Mere weeks after violence erupted in Via Rosso, this comes at the worst possible time. Both of these events seem to have damaged the sense of safety in the city built up since the end of ...
  2. Trading Bullets, Violence Reaches Plaza 1

    Plaza 1, an area of the city famed for it's market of Runner to Runner trading has today become the scene of a shocking occurrence. While services, items and cold hard cash are the normal currency of this social landscape, bullets joined that list today. Or rather, one bullet, delivered into the head of a NeXT Runner on the poorer end of this particular transaction.

    Others at the scene described the transaction as being normal everyday business, the NeXT Runner trading his repair ...
  3. Ask the CEO - Last Generation

    In the first part of your new interview-line "Ask the CEO" we talked to the head of the CityAdmin organisation "Last Generation", Mr. Grogor, who kindly answered our reporter Matt Bunker.

    Mr. Grogor arrived to the date agreed in my office inside the Neocronicle building, Plaza 2. He was accompanied by three security guards from his own organisation. One of them took position inside the office, whilst the other two secured the door from the outside. The method of ...
  4. Violence in Via Rosso

    Last night the Neocronicle received many reports of fire fights in Via Rosso 2. According to these reports the hostility between Tangent Technologies and BioTech has flared up again leading to violence between security staff of both corporations. In addition to injuries sustained by members of these security teams, Runners have also been hurt in the cross fire. A number of Runners who were caught out by the fight even had to be revived via GenRep, after getting involved in the combat.
  5. Anti-Tsunami Alliance Strikes Again

    Late Saturday evening breaking news reached our office of a huge strike against the Tsunami Syndicate clan Rockshore Surf Club by a spontaneous alliance of the clans; Last Generation (City Administration), Retired Extremely Dangerous (Black Dragon) and 17th CityMercs Platoon (City Mercs).

    Acute investigations of our war correspondents and valuable information from our informants have revealed the following background information.

    We have been lead to believe Rockshore ...
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