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All the latest in game news and headlines from the Neocronicle team. Visit our offices in Plaza 2.

  1. Terrorists defeated!

    Last night’s fight for safety of our suburbs was a big success! Read what the authorities have to say:

    “The City Administration proudly announces peace for our time! The threat has been removed from the outskirts of Neocron. The Anarchy Breed has been defeated. Threat level has moved to green (one)… no, wait, it's blue (two). You never know.”

    We should be thankful for both the quick deployment of STORM-Bots to the infested areas, and for the support given by the Neocron ...
  2. Industrial Area a source of chaos?

    The recent days have been painted in blood. Only thanks to the fearless fighters of Neocron we eliminated the infestation of chaos critters in the former suburbs of our proud city. In the meantime we have received scientific information that we want to share immediately with our readers:

    "Biotech Systems has analysed traces and organic material from the new beasts in the industrial area, we found Arachnid DNA and heavy metals, thus we conclude the source of the infestation must ...
  3. Anarchy Breed on the rise?

    Today, we received a datacube with a message at our office that was anonymously delivered to us via a cash-courier.
    The original wording of the message reads as follows:

    "Anarchy Breed Radio: Fuck you, slaves of the System! The Anarchy Breed has decided to end the order of the City Admin! Your city will be trampled by wasteland predators, and your rule will come to an end! Flee in horror, while you can!"

    Unfortunately the courier could not, or would ...

    Updated 30-10-14 at 23:17 by Kronos

  4. Neocronicle News

    Dear readers,
    The turbulent and difficult times are behind us after the murder of President Jack Red. The Neocronicle has also had to struggle with the impact and the consequences of this terrible crime.

    The news embargo ordered by City Administration immediately after the assassination is, of course, reasonable and correct. After all, they had to make sure that the enemy is not able to abuse our press coverage as a source of information. In the course of this news embargo, ...
  5. Danger in the Main Sewer

    Biotech released a statement today advising caution to all runners travelling around the Main Sewer area. In recent weeks a Biotech Survey team entered the Main Sewer area to gather toxicology reports on the water down there. When another reporter at the press conference asked what a company like Biotech would want with an old sewer pipe he was politely told that it was corporate business and therefore none of his concern. From speaking to several sources I have within Biotech it seems that they ...
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