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  1. Neofrag Sports

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    The new Neofrag season has begun!

    In the opening game the City Administration team Birds of Prey fought against the BioTech Inc team Toxic. Toxic lost with 45 to 48 in a rough and close match. Ryan Colby Leader of the Birds: "Toxic was a though opponent and in the last quater we were close to loosing but Jack saved the day with that incredible front tuck dodge. Simmons didn't even stand a chance and that opened up the opportunity ...
  2. Tangent Circus Continues

    This just gets better and better. While the runners of this city defend against monstrous threats in the wastes, Tangent seems paralysed to provide assistance through internal wrangling! This press release just in from everyone's favourite masseuse and 'therapist'-cum-Faction Assistant, Paco Katido.


    I would dearly like to thank you for the overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding my future plans for Tangent Technologies. While some of you have concerns regarding
  3. Fallen Angels React to Tangent Technologies Press Release.

    This press release is just in from the Fallen Angels.
    Fallen Angels,

    A few days ago, a new Faction Assistant was appointed to Tangent Technologies. My normal reaction to any new appointment at Tangent is to tell them to stay out of Techhaven.

    This time my reaction was different. I felt I had to drop into MediCare and get some drugs.

    So Felica Paco-Katido, Iíve got one question I want to ask you. Are you out of your mind?!
  4. Tangent Technologies Press Release Fuels Panic Selling at StockX

    The Stock price of Archer & Wesson and HEW dropped on the news that their contracts with Tangent Technologies could be cancelled. Shares fell rapidly to a record low of 1.02nc per share while runners sold their shares when StockX opened for trading earlier this week.

    Shares in Boobs 'Ní Guns and Fist Weaponry rose sharply with rumours of both firms planning to launch a hostile of takeover of both Archer & Wesson and HEW.

    A spokesperson for Archer & Wesson ...
  5. Tangent Technologies Press Release

    This Press Release was just issued by Tangent Technologies Inc.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tangent Press Release
    Friends, former enemies.

    It is with a broken heart I have to report to you that our Faction Assistant, Bud Judson, has now been missing long enough for me to step in as Faction Assistant.

    I am Felica Paco-Katido, former therapist for Tangent Technologies and personal masseuse to Damion Jordan.

    My agenda is clear: my mandate absolute. I want to extend the hand of friendship