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All the latest in game news and headlines from the Neocronicle team. Visit our offices in Plaza 2.

  1. Breaking News: Runner Alliance Against Tsunami Syndicate

    Last night an offensive strike began against the Tsunami Syndicate. According to preliminary reports an alliance has been forged by Runners of City Administration, City Mercs and Black Dragon to target the Syndicate. Currently the lines are buzzing with new information. Stay tuned, as always we will keep you informed.

    AJ West
  2. Mysterious Facilities Appear in the Wastelands.

    Over the course of the last week a number of medium-sized facilities have appeared across the Wastelands. The purpose of these locations is unknown, any attempts to approach the structures have been met with significant fire power putting even the most experienced Runners in extreme danger.

    From the images taken by a brave City Merc Soldier, who wishes to remain nameless, it can be seen that there ...