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All the latest in game news and headlines from the Neocronicle team. Visit our offices in Plaza 2.

  1. Anarchy Breed Riot in Pepper Park!

    After more and more mutants crawling out of their hideouts in the past few weeks, we have now reached new heights in the recent concerns over security. Large numbers of Anarchy Breed managed to enter Pepper Park Sector 3, ready to cause mayhem long since witnessed on the streets of the Red Light District. While the chaos could not be prevented, it was eventually contained before any structural damage had taken place.

    Under the lead of NCPD Special Operations Officer John Davis, an ...
  2. Neofrag Sports #3

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    The next round of Neofrag team deathmatches has taken place with much higher security level than normal. No one was quite sure why two STORMbots were present, some rumours suggested people feared NEOFRAG matches were being targeted by terrorists.

    Those rumours were quickly blown away when Jack Red entered the arena. When we say blown away, we mean literally blown away by tremendous applause and cheering. President Red chose a seat in the ...
  3. Neofrag Sports #2

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    The next series of neofrag matches have taken place.

    This time the well know Scavengers, under the new lead of John McFran, went into battle with the Mechanics. McFran a native of the Wasteland and raised by Nomads was discovered or should we say traced and arrested ten years ago by the NCPD as main suspect in several cases of Wasteland convoy heists. McFran was hunted for two weeks by the NCPD, and although several times they had him surrounded, ...
  4. Egg-time!

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    The Bunny Man has struck again.
    The weird eggs with goodies for the finder have been placed again all around neocron. Some have even been spotted in the wastes.

    For the time being no foul eggs like last year have been reported. But since last year some people have died of these trick eggs the City Administration has put a bounty on the head of the mysterious bunny man. So far the City Administration hoped to catch him red-handed, but again ...

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  5. NeoCast Hits the Airwaves!

    Hey Chummers,

    tired of always listening to the same humming sound of your power armor air filter? Then we have good news for you. Tonight is the debut of NeoCast, it's all new with the sounds we all like to hear.

    Just feed your audio system with and everything should run smoothly from there. NeoCast is sending their dope for your ears from 1700 GMT. Unless you're deaf tune in, your ears will be grateful.

    As always, we ...
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