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All the latest in game news and headlines from the Neocronicle team. Visit our offices in Plaza 2.

  1. Danger in the Main Sewer

    Biotech released a statement today advising caution to all runners travelling around the Main Sewer area. In recent weeks a Biotech Survey team entered the Main Sewer area to gather toxicology reports on the water down there. When another reporter at the press conference asked what a company like Biotech would want with an old sewer pipe he was politely told that it was corporate business and therefore none of his concern. From speaking to several sources I have within Biotech it seems that they ...
  2. Neocron President assassinated!

    Dear Runners.

    It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Jack Red. He was killed on the steps of the City Administration HQ, the very building he worked tirelessly in; by a cruel and heartless murderer answering to the name of Alex Mendez.

    Since the fatal night the City Administration building has remained summarily tight-lipped and resolute in its grief but today we must appeal to you the citizens of Neocron for help. The ongoing investigation has ...
  3. Neocron City Lottery Winner!

    Greetings dear Runners!

    Today we, at the Neocronicle, would like to bring you great news and joyous tidings. We would like to announce the first winner of the City Administration Lottery, in association with Diamond Real Estate!

    Our first lucky winner has found himself the proud owner of a brand new Via Rosso deluxe apartment complete with a very special set of unique prizes and rewards inside.

    I got the inside scoop on this incredibly lucky runner. ...