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  1. Fallen Angels React to Tangent Technologies Press Release.

    This press release is just in from the Fallen Angels.
    Fallen Angels,

    A few days ago, a new Faction Assistant was appointed to Tangent Technologies. My normal reaction to any new appointment at Tangent is to tell them to stay out of Techhaven.

    This time my reaction was different. I felt I had to drop into MediCare and get some drugs.

    So Felica Paco-Katido, Iíve got one question I want to ask you. Are you out of your mind?!
  2. Techhaven Sensor Network Test Declared a Success

    This just in from Alex Conlaoch, the Fallen Angels Faction Assistant.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Conlaoch - Faction Assistant, Fallen Angels
    Last week, the Techhaven Sensor Network Project was tested successfully for the first time. Upon activation, it detected a threat that at Calida Village and it alert runners on the global channels.

    During the attack at Calida village, Fallen Angels scientists were able to fine tune the sensors to detect the hostile types at the village. It counted over 500 Spiderbots and Hoverbots attacking the village.
  3. Task Force Successfully Clears Out Mauler Over-population

    Over the last few weeks there had been reports of Maulers turning up outside their normal habitat, and moving around in the south east area of the wastelands. Runners had turned up in Plaza 1 and 2 with serious burn injuries and broken bones. One runner, who was treated in medicare described her experience as follows.

    "...hordes of maulers popped up out from nowhere attacking us and vanished as they appeared! Absolutely volatile!"
    For weeks it seems City Administration ...