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  1. Kalonji Faya's Avatar
    Nice one, we should fear that... I'll stay aware in case of warbots invasion, I hope others will join and hop in the fight !

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  2. SilentEye's Avatar
    Lovely to see the resturn of the Neocronicle. I wonder what ever became of Joe Remington!
  3. Xeus's Avatar
    Why isn't this posted in the CityCom? It's quality stuff. I would love to see it.

  4. monsterandroid's Avatar
    Interesting things have been said.
  5. SilentEye's Avatar
    My continued appreciation for the Neocronicle in regard to their sponsorship! Thank you guys, you rock!

  6. Deus Ex Machina's Avatar
    Oh yes, that was quite a conflict there. I bet Tangent had a Spy in Biotech that stole something important or sabotaged a project, thats why Biotech retaliated - and maybe tried to get their data back.

    Since it has been some time: Are there still other reports coming up, or have they been delayed by the Editor?
  7. Norton Hoyle's Avatar
    Awesome stuff, need more of this!
  8. ancient's Avatar
    ^^ Typical misinformed media ...
  9. ancient's Avatar
    P.S. Infected have nothing to do with us, they are KOS afaik!
  10. ancient's Avatar
    We smashed ALL of you at Jenkins. TRololol
  11. kg-ua's Avatar
    good news
  12. Atropos's Avatar
    When i roamed around the pepper sewers, i was always in bad need of this fantastic chain that YO`s has become.
    Im really glad its here now!
  13. Ivan Eres's Avatar
    A new era for pepper park has begun.
  14. Bruder Malmsdoo's Avatar
    This is the end of the recycling-company in the industrial-sector a!
  15. Riddle's Avatar
    Having purchased many a plant and bush, i would suggest runners put in place a regular maintenance program. Having learned the hard way myself!

    On returning to my apartment having spent a little time out of neocron...I found much to my surprise I could not get into my apartment due to the substantial growth!! Don't know what they feed these things on the NC irrigation network but I had to call them in to clear a path!

    By the way, When will those crystals be available for sale I ask you? Now they would look good in P1.