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All the latest in game news and headlines from the Neocronicle team. Visit our offices in Plaza 2.

  1. City Admin: Blue Is The Colour Of Safety

    Neocron City will be safer. That is the claim made via an official City Administration communique, with CopBots all over the city having received new, highly efficient weaponry. Due to recent progress in weapons and defensive technology, the line of CopBot rifles used for years has recently proven to be inadequate. To ensure the safety of Neocron citizens, City Administration responsibly issued a development request to Tangent Technologies. The new, enhanced line of CopBot rifles was originally ...
  2. NeoCast: New DJ-Equipment Installed at the Electric Vibes Club

    Over the last week DJ BlackMaze has been transmitting his NeoCast across the City. Just in time for his Friday show a new DJ Booth and more powerful sound system was installed for the DJ. The exclusive system, with its custom design and unique finish, should help the well known radio channel produce a better quality of transmission with improved audio across the city.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The new system was paid for via sponsorship by our Editor in Chief Barry ...
  3. Foul Play Leads to Rotten Eggs

    In an unexpected turn of events, Easter once again came to the streets of Neocron. Despite the length of time the faded and derelict eggs of last year remained in our streets, our suspicions surrounding the return of Easter were rendered moot over the weekend. As we previously reported, those remaining eggs have slowly vanished in recent weeks and now we know why - The Bunny Man came back.

    According to our reports, in the dead of night on Saturday the ‘Bunny Man’ once again travelled ...
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  4. Here Comes the Bunny Man?

    This time of year is a weird one in Neocron City, while everyone goes about their business in their usual manner, something odd has happened for a number of years which few people have questioned. Now as the time draws nearer it has become the cause of chatter in the streets once again as citizens and Runners alike wonder… “When will the Bunny Man come?”

    What we have come to know as Easter, is a time in Neocron when a mysterious benefactor takes to the streets and the wider wastelands ...
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