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All the latest in game news and headlines from the Neocronicle team. Visit our offices in Plaza 2.

  1. Plaza Security - City Admin Respond

    You may recall that a number of weeks ago the weapon dampener in Plaza Sector 1 was reportedly sabotaged, which resulted in the death of two runners after weapons were unexpectedly drawn. Since the incident NExT Security Technicians have been in the sector around the clock trying to establish how the security measures in place were bypassed allowing the system to be taken offline. Additional security was placed in the sector immediately after the attack.

    In light of the recent events ...
  2. Plaza 1 Security Sabotaged?

    Safety in Neocron took another blow last week as the localised system which prevents the operation of weapons in Plaza Sector 1, failed without warning. Technicians from NeXT Systems dispatched to the scene let slip to the Neocronicle that vital components of the system had actually been stolen.

    Mere weeks after violence erupted in Via Rosso, this comes at the worst possible time. Both of these events seem to have damaged the sense of safety in the city built up since the end of ...
  3. Violence in Via Rosso

    Last night the Neocronicle received many reports of fire fights in Via Rosso 2. According to these reports the hostility between Tangent Technologies and BioTech has flared up again leading to violence between security staff of both corporations. In addition to injuries sustained by members of these security teams, Runners have also been hurt in the cross fire. A number of Runners who were caught out by the fight even had to be revived via GenRep, after getting involved in the combat.
  4. Mysterious Facilities Appear in the Wastelands.

    Over the course of the last week a number of medium-sized facilities have appeared across the Wastelands. The purpose of these locations is unknown, any attempts to approach the structures have been met with significant fire power putting even the most experienced Runners in extreme danger.

    From the images taken by a brave City Merc Soldier, who wishes to remain nameless, it can be seen that there ...