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23-06-03, 23:27
A couple announcements regarding the 10 day trials.

1) 10 day trials cannot be reactivated if cancelled. If you encounter problems with payment please fix this via Worldpay within 3 days of the end of the trial or the account will cancel (to avoid emailing the payment failure each day to those who never intended to continue).

2) Full accounts that started as 10 day trials can only be reactivated manually by us at this time. You will need to contact us at account@neocron.com (.de for german support or aide@neocronfrance.com for french support) with your account name and the subscription plan you want. Update: These types of accounts can now be reactivated through the standard reactivation link provided they weren't cancelled via Worldpay. If cancelled at Worldpay the previous rule still applies.

3) In relation to #1, you cannot switch the account between Worldpay and Paybycash if your account was started via the 10 day trial. Only retail copies of Neocron can be switched between the 2 companies. So whichever way you setup payment the first time with the trials are the way it will stay even as the full account. Update: This should be possible after the initial $29.95 charge has been done if cancelled via Neocron.com (not worldpay) as they can reactivate the account themselves. However you should talk to Paybycash customer service first before attempting.

We apologize for any inconvience this may cause you.

Further account help can be found at:

account@neocron.com (english)
account@neocron.de (german)
aide@neocronfrance.com (french)

**Please note that while we try to answer emails as fast as possible it can take up to 24 hours in some cases so please be patient and don't email a second time unless you have yet to hear a response within that 24 hours.

Einige Ankündigungen bezüglich der 10Tage Trial Zeit:
1) Die 10Tage Trial Zeit kann nach einer Kündigung nicht wieder reaktiviert werden. Sollten Probleme bei der Bezahlung auftreten, sollten diese bis drei Tage vor Ablauf der Frist gelöst worden sein, anderenfalls wird der Account gekündigt (um zu verhindern, jeden Tag auch an diejenigen Spieler eine Mahnung zu schreiben, die nicht vorhaben, das Spiel weiter zu spielen).

2) Vollwertige Accounts, die als 10Tage Trial Account begonnen haben, können derzeit nur von uns manuell reaktiviert werden. Kontaktiere uns per account@neocron.com (account@neocron.de für den Deutschen Support und aide@neocronfrance.com für den französischen Support) mit Deinem Accountnamen und der Bezahlungsart, die Du möchtest.

3) In Bezug auf #1, kannst Du Deinen Account nicht von Worldpay auf Paybycash umstellen, wenn der Account mit der 10Tage Trial Zeit begonnen wurde. Nur Retail Kopien von Neocron können zwischen diesen beiden Kompanien umgestellt werden. Die Zahlungsweise, die am Anfang der Trial Zeit gewählt wurde, besteht auch beim vollwertigen Account weiter.
Wir entschuldigen uns für etwaige Unannehmlichkeiten, die Euch bereitet werden.

Zusätzliche Account Hilfe bekommt Ihr bei:
account@neocron.com (Englisch)
account@neocron.de (Deutsch)
aide@neocronfrance.com (Französisch)

**Bitte beachtet, dass es bis zu 24h dauern kann, dass Emails beantwortet werden, obwohl wir jede Email so schnell wie möglich beantworten, also schreibt uns bitte keine weitere Email, es sei denn, sie wurde nicht innerhalb von 24h beantwortet.


Support Guide

The following is a basic write up of items so you can avoid issues pertaining to support.

Support Emails

Q) Where do I write if I have an account issue?
A) Account@neocron.com for english, Account@neocron.de for german and ANY german banking accounts.

Q) Where do I write for general non tech related items?
A) Helpdesk@neocron.com for english on Pluto, Uranus, Saturn and Account@neocron.de for german on Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn

Q) Where do I write if I am having technical problems?
A) Tech@neocron.com for english and Tech@neocron.de for german

Q) What about the french?
A) All french/Venus server support issues go to aide@neocronfrance.com as we do not run the french version of Neocron.

Q) What happens if we write the wrong address.
A) In that case response time could be increased as it gets shuffled to the correct people.

Q) What information should we include?
A) Your account name, character name and server should be included along with any information you think would be relevant. This will help cut down the time involved in dealing with your ticket.

Q) What is the response time?
A) We try to answer all emails within 24 hours. So please wait this long before writing again. If you have severe character problems it may take longer as we attempt to delve into why things have happened and fix the issue. However in any case over 24 hours feel free to hit Odin's Private Message Box (http://neocron.jafc.de/private.php?s=&action=newmessage&userid=1966). Write down your account name and the ticket number sent. Please note though that I only speak english :D

Managing Your Account

When you first sign up you should receive 2 important pieces of information. A) Your account login info and B) Your Worldpay account info. Do not lose this info as it's important to managing your account. Managing your account is your responsibility including all cancellation issues.

Q) Where do I change my email address, password, cancel or retrieve my lost password?
A) Basic account management is done via this link (http://www.neocron.com/account/). Cancellation can be done there or via Worldpay. Email is a last resort if you have lost information and must be done 48 hours before the cancellation date to ensure no additional bills. Changing credit card changes are done via Worldpay (https://support.worldpay.com/shopper/)

Q) I have received an email stating that my payment defaulted. What do I do?
A) Login to Worldpay (https://support.worldpay.com/shopper/) and ensure your billing details are up to date. #1 problem encountered is that your card has expired and you haven't updated this to your billing with your new card. If you are 100% sure that you have the room on your card and that the billing details are correct then email account@neocron.com for english and account@neocron.de for german and any german banking accounts. Do not cancel your account during a payment default as you will only lock the account in suspension. Don't leave your accounts in suspension either as you are still responsible for the time. The only way to properly cancel your account is via Worldpay or via account management on Neocron.com. Leaving a payment in default is NOT a proper way to cancel.

Q) I have come back to Neocron and updated my payment details and now I'm getting daily bills. What do I do?
A) What has happened is that you have left an account in payment default. Contact account@neocron.com and we will refund all payments except the first and last payment. Why not the first? The account was never cancelled hence that money is still owed. Plus it does cost us money to refund accounts.

Q) What if I have lost my Worldpay info?
A) Worldpay has a lost password section on their website for retrieval of account information. Email account@neocron.com with your account name if you need your futurepay ID #.

Q) How do I reactivate my account?
A) Account Reactivation (http://www.neocron.com/account/accinfo.php). If your account expired due to a billing problem you will need to contact us. For trial accounts please refer to the top of this thread.

Q) I accidentally signed up for a trial account when I have a copy of Neocron.
A) Please cancel before the 10 day trial is up as you are responsible for any purchases and we cannot switch payment from one account to another. Then use the correct retail Neocron signup (http://www.neocron.com/account/createaccount.php) link.

Q) If I cancel with time remaining is that remaining time lost?
A) No. All free and paid time is active until the next billing date.

Q) I meant to cancel my trial before the 10 days finished.
A) Sorry but there is no refunds given even if it's a minute past. If you never intended to play past the free portion you could have cancelled anytime during those 10 days. The only exception in this is if the cancellation page is down.

Q) Where do I get a refund?
A) There are no refunds except in the case of billing errors made on our part. Both retail and free trials come with a free period for you to evaluate and make your decision then to continue with the game.

Q) Can I switch my billing details from one account to another
A) No.

Q) Can I pay by means other then credit card?
A) Alternative payment can be done by a 3rd party biller at PaybyCash (http://www.paybycash.com). Germans can pay by bank transfer however the retail account has to be setup by credit card first.

This is a guide that is a work in progress and will be added to. German translations to follow.


Q) Can I switch my character from one server to another
A) No.

Q) What is considered safe storage methods for items in game?
A) Your inventory, GoGuardian and apartment cabinets. Items on floor/ground even for a short period of time is at your own risk

Q) I am having trouble connecting to Neocron what do I do?
A) Connection Issues Page (http://www.neocron.com/index.php?name=NeoContent&op=modload&file=index&pageID=36). Please look through this link before writing tech support.

Q) Why am I getting the message "pls wait a little longer to perform this action" after trying to retrieve my backpack from the generep?
A) Please note that the generep only stores your last backpack. Trying to retrieve an empty backpack (which commonly happens when you die trying to retrieve your original backpack) will cause this to happen. If you die trying to retrieve your backpack the only option left is to manually go back to your backpacks as genereps would not be an option anymore.

Q) I'm new. Where can I find some good info.
A) We love our forums so you'll find that we post a lot through it for the regulars. So keep an eye out for us. There is also a wealth of information that has been stickied to the top of Newbie, community talk, player2player forums and others so look around and soak up the mass of information.

This is a guide that is a work in progress and will be added to. German translations to follow.