View Full Version : AutoUpdater , big problem

10-11-03, 22:13
I go to play neocron and the auto updater comes up, since its the first time i am running NC since a reinstall it checks for all the patches. It determines I have all patches up to 191 then it says Applying patches. Then I get a long list of errors. Something like

DiffAssemble Error: not the expected result
ERROR: failed patching (name of file ex: defs/appartments.def)
CHECKSUM ERROR: source file

and it repeats like that for a while, at the end it tells me neocron launcer is updated and I need to exit and restart it. But everytime I do i get the same results. Please help!

10-11-03, 23:30
I had that problem, too when i reinstalled Neocron. You have to reinstall Neocron, maybe you need some installations, or try to download the patches again. If you got all this error messages, you can also use the "check files" option, but then you have to download many many many files.

11-11-03, 12:49
there was a known problem with the updater and there is a link on the startmenu to download a new one,when i did a full reinstall i had to update the launcher 2-3 times to get it working