View Full Version : Launcher Problems

09-11-03, 06:38
I had a problem with my PC resently and had to reinstall windows 98, because of this i also had to reinstall NC. Now when I try to play the Neocron Launcher page wont load (refresh doesnt help either) so now im stuck because I can't get the IP to connect. And even if I had the IP i need the page because I don't have the retail launcher patch.

Thanks in advance for any help.

09-11-03, 09:57
Go here (http://www.neocron.com/patcher/index.php?LANG=ENG&IP= for the launcher page, you can find everything you need there I hope :).

09-11-03, 11:30
have u got your firewall configured to let neo cron work???

09-11-03, 19:59
Thx to nonamebrandeggs for that page. Now I have the working launcher version, but the page still wont load. And I still dont have a server IP. It says Enter IP address here (see below)! but since the page wont load I cant see below. I dont have a firewall running atm so that cant be the problem either.

10-11-03, 22:24
Ok my launcher page is fixed now, I have a different problem though. Plz see my other thread.