View Full Version : Graphic Problems HELP!

09-11-03, 01:54
I tried to get KK to assist me in fixing these problems and after they told me to try like three things and I told them it didnt fix the problem they just stopped responding. SO... I am hoping someone here might can help me.
My problem is this: Graphics in the I and J sectors are totally screwed up.... things float and bounce, Warbots sink into the ground, trees are in the air, my vehicle is inverted and I am driving in the air or through things... It seems to only occur in these sectors. I have tried 2 different machines. Completely seperate... One uses a Geforce MX420 card and the other a Geforce MX440 card... I have tried vsync off hardware and software settings in the game, direct x 9b with the latest detonator drivers, direct x 8.1 with detonator drivers that are older like 31.42 version and Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems. Now I am stuck and cannot login due to the fact I tried to GeneRep to a location in a J sector and the client crashed without any errors now everytime I try to login the client automatically crashes without error during sync.... any ideas?

09-11-03, 09:58
Try re-installing neo?